Taskbar is an extremely light weight panel for X Windows that shows open windows (or tasks). As I converted from Windows to Linux, I found that I greatly missed the taskbar so I wanted to emulate it. Along the way I added my own bits and pieces and what you get now is my taskbar application.


When I started this program I was just learning about Xlib and wanted to keep it very low level and efficient. I found an excellent program called fspanel and started to modify the program to my liking. As I moved foward, I found that the work to modify fspanel was going to take a long time so I scratched that and used what I had learned to create my own program. My program uses a lot of ideas from fspanel.





Latest news

1.0.3 released!   paladine - 2003-12-22 17:05   -   taskbar
Included a sensors module to display temperature data! Supports temperature, fans and voltages. Works with kernel 2.6.
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Initial release   paladine - 2003-12-10 10:11   -   taskbar
I've moved everything to Sourceforge and put out the first release. Happy downloading!
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